Josep Ucls

Born in Badalona (Barcelona) in 1952, he is one of the most genuinely representative artist of European neofigurism and for this reason was selected by Hans-Jrgen Mller for the historic Europa-79 exposition (Stuttgart, Germany), which marked the start of the European painting boom of the 1980s and featured artists from Germany (Merz, Gnther Forg,..), England (Stephen McKenna, John Murphy, Tony Cragg,) and Italy (Enzo Cucchi, Nicola de Maria, Mimmo Paladino, Francesco Clemente,..). This exposition is regarded as signalling the rupture from the progressive sentiment of the history of art and the imposition of the valuation of the individual over the tendency; out of this exposition Germany neoexpressionism and Italian transvanguardia were born.
Europa-79 would mark the starting point of Josep Uclss international trajectory, wich included expositions in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, USA, and Germany.
His aesthetic and plastic singularity, joint with his critical and independent nature, have helped to create a unique collection of work that have allowed the artist to distance himself from chrematistic trends and the ephemeral art market.
His art started out as dark and mysterious, and of transgressor social criticism, but has envolved Towards subtle irony, and is more colourist and poetic, while the human being continues to be the motivating force.

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